Each article analysis assignment is a very current Wall Street Journal article relevant to chapters we will be studying, as an attempt to make the connection between textbook theory and real world happenings.   You can find the reading and questions in the link below. At the end of each reading are four questions to be answered pertaining to the article (10 points per question), which require short answers. 

Most information needed to answer the questions will come directly from the article.  However, for the written answers, please paraphrase, i.e. restate in your own words.  There is no word count requirement per answer.  You will be able to submit the completed assignment here in this same assignment link. After you’ve answered the questions, save your document in the MSWord Document Format of <.doc> or <.docx>.  Please name and submit in the Submit Assignmentlink to the right in the following form – first list the name of the assignment (e.g. AA1 for the first article analysis assignment), then your last name, with no spaces. It should look like this:AA1Lastname

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