earth science homework 2

Please answer the following questions in APA style format.

  1. When you are at the beach, you notice that the waves seem to “break” at the same point as they come towards shore. Explain what is happening beneath the surface to cause the waves to break at this point.
  2. Southern California and Georgia are located at the same latitude, and thus experience almost the same Coriolis force. Discuss two reasons why the summer temperatures in coastal locations in Southern California are cooler than coastal locations at the same latitude in Georgia.
  3. At what latitudes do we find the maximum and minimum salinity? Briefly explain what contributes to high salinities here versus polar and equatorial regions.
  4. A variety of techniques and efforts are used to stabilize shorelines throughout the world. Discuss these techniques. Are they temporary or permanent? Also, discuss at least two ways in which the development/urbanization of coastal areas contributes to shoreline erosion. (Hint: think about rivers and what they contribute to our beaches. Also, what increases with the creation of roads and rooftops?) At least 200 words in length.
  5. Compare and contrast weather and climate. How does the atmosphere affect both climate and weather?
  6. Contrast the role the greenhouse effect plays in the atmospheres of (a) the Moon, (b) Earth, and (c) Venus.
  7. Explain why hot balloons are rising in terms of atmospheric stability. What effect does water vapor have on atmospheric stability? In your response, explain the effect of water vapor on atmospheric stability or instability.
  8. There are two seasonal differences (i.e. the annual seasonal changes – annual increases), and season-to-season changes –”saw tooth shape”) shown in the graph. In your own words, describe why we see these seasonal differences in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.
  9. Explain the six steps involved in cloud formation. Why is the vertical movement of air critical to the formation of clouds and precipitation? What role do adiabatic temperature changes play in these processes? (Hint: What happens to air pressure with increasing elevation?) At least 200 words in length.
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