early medieval art and architecture

Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

1. Briefly discuss the significance of ship burials, including the types of objects uncovered and their decoration. Address the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial (Figures 11-3 and 11-3a) and the Viking Ship Burial (Figures 11-4 and 11-4a).


2. Why were illuminated Christian Books such an important product of Hiberno-Saxon monasteries? What is a carpet page? Include a discussion of Cross-inscribed carpet page from the Lindisfarne Gospels (Figure 11-7).

3. What was so unique about the high crosses of Ireland and northern Europe? Describe and analyze the High Cross of Muiredach (Figure 11-10).

Carolingian Empire

4. Who was Charlemagne and what were some of his accomplishments? How is he depicted in his Equestrian Portrait (Figure 11-13)? How does this equestrian sculpture differ from others we have studied?

5. Why were so many manuscripts written during reign of Charlemagne? Were they consistent stylistically? Compare and contrast the illustrations of St. Matthew from the Coronation Gospels (Gospel Book of Charlemagne) (Figure 11-14) and Ebbo Gospels (Figure 11-15).

Ottonian Empire

6. The Doors with Relief Panels from Saint Michael’s at Hildesheim (Figure 11-25) are unusual for their size, as most Ottonian sculpture was small in scale. Briefly describe and analyze the doors, noting the juxtaposition of Old and New Testament scenes.

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