e marketing 2

All answer should be of 7,8 sentences.

Q1. Many of us have spent considerable amounts of time going from one website to another. We enjoy “window shopping”. We have no problems navigating web pages to review a site’s product offerings. However, others of us are easily distracted. If we can’t see what we are looking for easily we get frustrated and leave the site.

As a designer and developer, if tasked with designing and developing an e-commerce website you know that there are several key features you need to pay attention to. Name and discuss four of them.

Q2. You have to design an online advertisement. You know that seasoned online users are not moved by “sparkle”. They look for substance.

(a) What are the two categories of objectives you need to pay attention to? Be sure include chapter 7 of your textbook in your research to address the question.

(b) As you design the online advertisement, what are some of the basic details about advertisements you need to pay attention to? Chapter 7 of your textbook will be a good starting point for your research.

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