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Your essay should not exceed five pages and there is no minimum (double spaced with normal fonts and margins). I will grade your essay both on the substance of the answer and the quality of your writing. ( attached a lot of readings, you just pick Richards Katz and the corresponding

Recall the Richard Katz reading and the corresponding lecture on the functions performed by elections. Which functions do you think United States elections perform well? Which functions do you think United States elections perform less well? What evidence supports your assessments? On balance, do United States elections satisfactorily fulfill these functions?

*Do Not* bring any external material or sources to this assignment; the only materials you should use to inform the essay are the class readings and lectures.

If necessary, you may cite readings in the text in the form (Katz, p. xx) or lecture in the form (Wolfe, 9/xx). You only need to provide citations if you are drawing on a very specific point in the text that I may need to look up, or you are quoting material from the text or lecture, e.g. “elections are good” (Katz, p. xx).

These assignments are not reserch projects. They are simply take home essay questions. You can address the question fully using only readings and lecture material.

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