documentary discussion questions

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What in the film surprised you and why?
  2. List and discuss some of the many benefits of energy efficiency.
  3. Why are our personal actions toward energy efficiency and conservation so important?
  4. What delays efficiency measures and why can they be slow to have an impact?
  5. What are your thoughts on how the film measures and compares energy resources by the number of people (average global citizen) each would power in a year?
  6. What was your impression of the scale of energy consumption and production?
  7. What does it mean to clean up coal? Can we afford to?
  8. Did the film change your perspective on oil demand, supply and price?
  9. Why do various countries consume such different mixes of energy?
  10. How will the developing world change global energy consumption and the resources used?
  11. How are the environmental impacts of energy perceived in different parts of the world?
  12. What current and future biofuels technologies are discussed in the film? Which were not?
  13. Where would we get the electricity to power a huge fleet of electric cars? Why is this important?
  14. In what ways can natural gas be used as an energy resource? Why is fuel versatility important?
  15. What are the two kinds of solar, and how do they differ?
  16. What are the biggest challenges for large scale solar development?
  17. How does geothermal electricity generation work?
  18. What are the benefits and challenges for wind power?
  19. How do we consume electricity over the course of the day? Why is this so important?
  20. How would the ability to store electricity in huge utility-scale quantities change our electricity consumption and production?
  21. What are the benefits and challenges for nuclear power? What forms of nuclear are not discussed in the film?
  22. Why do energy transitions take time?
  23. Were there any emerging energy technologies you would have liked to see in the film? And what are the benefits and challenges of each?
  24. What should be the role of government in energy?
  25. How can governments, industry, academics and other groups best work with the public to improve our energy future?
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