do we live in a digital or analog world

In this assignment, the essay question is “Do we live in a Digital or Analog world?” You can make a

powerful case for either option (both or none as well). To answer the essay question, use the material you

learned in class as well as your own (from your field). Although this topic is broad, be concise and use

specific examples to present your view and relate it to your major. There is no wrong answer, just need

the relevant evidence to back up your findings. The essay report should be done individually.

Your paper should be 1-2 pages long, with one inch margins, Times New Roman 11pt font, 1.5 spacing,

and single column. No plagiarism, use your own words, references and quotations. Everyone must

submit their own essay to Canvas by the due date. Only one person from each group needs to submit the

PowerPoint presentation to Canvas by the due date.

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