discussion with regarding interview

Your active participation in the discussion forums is essential to your overall success this term. Discussion questions are designed to help you make meaningful connections between the course content and the larger concepts and goals of the course. These discussions offer you the opportunity to express your own thoughts, ask questions for clarification, and gain insight from your classmates’ responses and instructor’s guidance.

reason for this interview is to complete an assignment about leadership in organizational change efforts for the graduate class you are taking. Select at least six of the following questions and create one additional question of your own to ask him or her:

  1. What have you found to be the typical drivers or reasons for organizational change efforts?
  2. When you reflect on past organizational change efforts that you are familiar with, what are the critical issues that come to mind?
  3. What do you find to be typical issues that emerge as hindrances or obstacles in organizational change efforts?
  4. What are the roles of leaders in organizational change efforts?
  5. What are the roles of managers in organizational change efforts?
  6. In reflecting on organizational change efforts that were successful, what components seemed to help drive or ensure that success?
  7. In reflecting on organizational change efforts that failed or were very problematic, what were the underlying root causes or disconnects contributing to those failures or problematic outcomes?
  8. What do you find to be the most effective means to communicate in an organizational change effort?
  9. What are your thoughts about the issues of vision and strategy in an organizational change effort?
  10. What issues related to the organizational culture do you consider in an organizational change effort?
  11. If you could go back in time and advise yourself about what is needed to lead a successful organizational change effort, what would you tell yourself?
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