discussion week 7

1- Answer the next question in no more than 75 words.Unit 7, Discussion Prompt Option 1Real LifeExtinction is a procedure that allows us to decrease or completely remove behaviors by withholding the reinforcer that previously maintained that behavior. This procedure can be extremely effective; however, it is important to consider the potential side effects before deciding if this is the right approach for any behavior.Consider a time where one of your behaviors was placed on extinction by someone else. How did encountering extinction feel and did you engage in any of the side effects?2- Answer to your classmate’s posts below in no more than 50 questions.1 hour agoErin Carey Unit 7 Discussion Prompt 1COLLAPSEExtinction has been used on me before by my friend who is also getting her Master’s in ABA. She would ignore me when I would complain too much about my day. Since my complaining would be ignored, I started finding good things to talk about my day. Then my friend stopped ignoring me. Because of this, I now find more good things to say about my day than bad things. This not only helped me with my friend, but helped with my outlook on the day.Erin Carey3 hours agoTheresa Provenzano Unit 7, Discussion Prompt Option 1COLLAPSEUnit 7, Discussion Prompt Option 1A time when the behavior of mine that was placed on extinction by someone else would be when I could not have sugar and limited carbs during my pregnancy. By the doctor placed me on a limited diet, he made an extinction to the food that I was consuming. By putting it on extinction he gradually weakening a conditioned response that results in the behavior decreasing on the food I eat.

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