discussion summary and final exam

DISCUSSION:Main discussion with 250 word length,b) Response for the discussion with 150 word length(First response with 150 words length and second response with 150 word length)
Question: In your opinion, when should preemptive measures be taken against terrorists?

SUMMARY: It should cover all the points in one and half Page,ApA
Critically assess near-term projections for the future of homeland security
Evaluate the feasibility of adapting theoretical and practical counter terrorist options to dynamic security environments
Identify continuing risks to domestic security from violent extremists
Evaluate the need for ongoing international collaboration

Final Exam Paper :APA6-7 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
At least 4 cited sources

Cloud Security: Identify at least 3 vulnerabilities or threats related to the use of the cloud. How can you mitigate these targets against cyber terrorists?

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