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This is a discussion question. Now yes it does require a video of a speech, but only thing that I need done is the speech to be written out for me. DO NOT MAKE THE VIDEO. Just answer all the questions that it is asking for. When you make up the name please make sure that it correlates with the topic that is being written about….please read everything carefully and once again just write the speech

M4D1: Local Threats to Biodiversity – Invasive Species

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What is one of the highest economic expenses in the U.S. and globally every year? At the same time, is this problem also one of the greatest threats to local biodiversity almost in every place on earth? You guessed it, we will be focusing here on invasive species. Did you know that in the U.S. it is estimated that the cost of prevention, control, and eradication of invasive species is more than $100 billion each year?

This activity aligns with Module Outcomes 1 and 2.

To start our discussion this week, imagine the following scenario:

Congratulations! You are representing a local grassroot organization named “WatchExotics” (or “StopInvasives” or “WatchTheAliens” or something else you feel would represent your organization well) and your hard and dedicated work applying for a grant to fund your local community initiative to fight a very destructive invasive species is starting to pay off!

You have been invited to submit a 2-minute video clip on the local TV program showcasing the problem with the local biological invader as part of the selection process. The public will have the chance to vote and express their support for one of the projects (the ‘public’ will be your classmates).

In your short video clip make sure to include a species profile that consists of the name (common and scientific names), origin (where it is from), when, and how the species has arrived in the U.S. and in your area, and the most likely mechanism(s) explaining why the species has been so successful at becoming invasive. Also, discuss the impacts of this species on the local biodiversity as well as on the local economy.

Briefly include some methods of prevention and eradication that your organization is proposing and that would involve the local community. Be creative and passionate making this clip! Think of all the skills you may gain here for your next job interview or perhaps for starting your own non-profit helping your local community!!

The USDA has a well-developed website that includes a search of invasive species (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. by geography or subject to help you find a species for your presentation. Another reliable resource is Invasive (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Make sure to watch the 6 required National Geographic videos to give you ideas of the range of problems that invasive species bring with them as well as the mechanisms through which they have become successful.

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