discussion post 361

Systematic Decision Making

As manager, you have been notified that the per-mile expenses reported by your top salesperson justifies securing a company vehicle for her corporate activities. Using the systematic step-by-step decision-making process learned within the module, determine whether the organization should lease or buy a car. Since no specific automobile is identified, make the lease-versus-buy decision on a qualitative rather than a quantitative basis; for example, evaluate aspects of depreciation, expenses, maintenance costs, insurance, and anything else relevant.

Post a 125- to 250-word composition employing the six-step decision-making process relative to the required automobile lease-versus-buy decision. Deliver a response in paragraph form, not a step-by-step list of points. Your posting should conclude with a final decision as well as a brief explanation concerning how the choice is to be assessed, with feedback, in a future period. Peer responses should continue a dialogue with your classmates by contributing additional information and claims directly related to your peers’ points of view.

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