discussion description 1

Discussion Description

Read “My Journey from Scribbling to Art in Only 60 Years” by Bob Allen in your course textbook, Ticket to Write.

In his narrative, Bob Allen reflects on his unusual path to developing his creative side, despite discouragements. The author shows how he was able to use his strengths to find a satisfying outlet for his talent and creativity, overcoming obstacles and charting a highly satisfying path.

The author tells about how he was humiliated as a youth but turned the situation around. Can you relate? Think of a time when you were wronged or discouraged by a teacher, supervisor, military superior, or someone else in authority. In a response of at least 150-200 words, describe how you were discouraged by someone else. How did you overcome the situation, and what did you learn? Compare and contrast your circumstances with the author’s story. What personal qualities or strengths have you relied upon to make yourself successful, and what will make you successful in the future?

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