discussion 15 reflection on what i learned

It’s been a busy but productive semester. Describe what you learned about marketing and how it has changed/not changed your idea of what marketing involves prior to taking this class.

Instructions: Answer questions and respond to Two of your peers’

Student 1/I learned a lot. The marketing plan project was prime example on what a person would do if they had a product they want to produce and sell. I figured out real fast how detailed and in depth marketing can be to successfully sell products. It is just not having a product and you decide you want to create it to be sold. You will have to analyze the market for the demand and competitors for similar products. This is where you need to make your product different and deliver your product in a way to capture your target market. I learned how to narrow my target market. For example, I use to say all college students and now I would say commuter students that commute 30 minutes or more to campus. I learned how to be in a group with different work ethics, views and opinions. The project opened my creative side of me where I thought about products I could make to do make garbage into fuel. In the end, it made me want to follow through with the product because i was motivated and proud of my work. I just thought that marketing was just about advertising and to deliver a product to the market, but this course opened my mind to other aspects of marketing.


Student 2/I feel at times it was challenging at times but I feel like I managed it overall pretty well. I enjoyed taking this class since this is my concentration it was actually fun to start learning about the basics of what my concentration is about. The first concept I ever remember learning about is the marketing mix, I now have a better understanding of what it is. It basically is how a business is able to get a product up and running and onto a shelf. From this I have learned not only is important to learn about a business itself but it is also helpful to observe competitors and their marketing tactics, to make a company unique from others. I also learned about market segmentation this help businesses find the right customers for their product or how to create a product that better fits the needs or desires of a customer. After a semester of learning my idea of marketing has broadened while I knew there were different platforms of how to market a product. My eyes have been open to how much detail goes into creating a brand. Outside of class I am able to analyze and appreciate some of my favorite products and the marketing that goes behind them.

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