discussion 1 follow the instructions 1

Rock art, Petroglyphs, and Petrographs, are found around the world.

We see it in caves in France and Australia, specifically in the text book. I have, posted in Module 3, a couple sample works found in Australia, and also North America and South Africa.

Part 1: Read and look at the ones that you prefer name at least two. (work from both the book and the modules.)

Part 2: Which do you like the best. Tell me why. (your answer is subjective – don’t be afraid to explain why you think its cool or interesting.

Part 3: Please comment on two classmates posts. your comment should focus on the writing. Please try to be encouraging about the way your class mates have written and explained their opinion. For example, if the post is written professionally, say why it is; if the post is written like an anthropologist explain that, if its written like an artist would write explain why you think that, etc. etc.

please respond to my claasmate

First classmate/From The Module 3, I selected the petrograph of a cave painting titled Frieze of Little Horses. I liked that the drawings were life like and shapes and sizes seemed true to form. The cave drawer captured the movement as the wild horses ran. Their legs are bent to show movement and the brown tint showed their true color. The artist captured exactly what he saw to tell his story. From the textbook I selected a petroglyph of a carving called Lion Hunt. This was my favorite because it showed the wealthy on a chariot hunting lions with a bow and arrow. It appears their role is to injure the lions and slow them down. The foot soldiers have to com along and finish the kill. The carved details show the danger, the close call and how the hunt took place.


Second classmate/For the assignment the two rock art paintings that stuck out to me are Cave Painting, Hands (c. 8,000-3,000 B.C.E., Castellon, Spain) and Cave Painting, Deer Hunt (c. 8.000-3,000 B.C.E., Castellon, Spain).

I liked the Deer Hunt painting the most, its simple yet storytelling potential stuck out to me from the jump, the way it is painted to me shows the Deer Hunt as more of a battle than a group of hunters going out on a normal hunt, the fact the bigger more fully grown deer are drawn up front adds to my theory that the painter of this wanted to show the strength of the animals the hunters went against. I also like the fact you can not tell if this is a drawing of how the hunt was supposed to go ( a plan of some sort ) or if this is a drawing recapping how the hunt actually went. Its simple yet the story behind it can be anything!

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