completed by 12pm central time on Thursday 9/17/2020Answer response to each discussion need to be at least a total of 250 words; APA citation; assignment will be submitted through safe assignUse the textbook: The World of the Counselor: An Introduction to the Counseling Profession, E.Neukrug, 2016 5th EdDiscussion #1What is the importance of “meeting a client” where s/he is,  or “on his/her level?”How does the individual development of the client impact the counseling relationship?What are the benefits of knowing what is “normal” as well as what is “abnormal” when working with clients?Why is it important for counselors to have an understanding about medications used to treat psychological and emotional illnesses?Discussion #2″When offering a parenting workshop to individuals who are poor, you are challenged when you tell them that “hitting a child is never okay.”  They tell you that you are crazy, and that sometimes a good spanking is the only thing that will get the child’s attention.  Do they have a point?  What should you do?”**

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