describe the topics you will use for these 3 assignments 1

Initial Post is 250 words. Please use chiago style citation.

Describe the topics you will use for these 3 assignments (look at the Assignments link to see detailed descriptions of the assignments):

  • Week 3 Speech: Informative Topic
  • Week 5 Position Paper: Debatable Topic
  • Week 7 Analysis Paper: Debatable Topic

Describe a topic (terrorism) you will use for each of these assignments for the Week 2 Forum. You may want to start this process by thinking of your field of study (some hints are shown in the lesson). As you think about your topics, keep in mind your purpose (to inform and persuade). Decide if you need to narrow your topic a bit. Think about your audience and how you can help your reader understand the topic. You can talk about these things in your forum post. See example post below.

An informative topic informs the reader of a topic.

A debatable topic (or persuasive topic) is a topic that people can agree or disagree and will have many alternative viewpoints.

*** Since you are all majoring in different fields of study, some of you may be using APA, some of you may be using Chicago Turabian or some of you may be using MLA for your citations, please tell me in your post which notation style you are using.***


“I am an education major. I want to become a teacher. So topics that are interesting in my field of education are learning, bilingual education and school shootings. For my speech, my topic will be ‘How to motivate students to learn.’ For my Position paper, I will write about ‘The Benefits of Bilingual Education.’ For my Analysis paper, I will write about ‘Arming teachers in the classroom will not deter school shootings.’ This is how I will make my speech topic more specific: I will motivate my students to learn by providing interesting lessons, have stimulating group projects, and engage in fun discussions. For my Position paper topic, I will add details to my topic by saying that ‘The benefits of Bilingual Education include allowing students to retain their first language, heritage, and permitting students to learn English little by little. For my Analysis paper topic, I will add details on my topic by…”

my example:

My major is intelligence studies, and my field of studies is middle eastern studies. For my speech I will write about the “what terrorism is and its danger to society.” For my position paper I will write about the importance of collecting intelligence stateside as well as globally. For my analytical paper I will write about the collection of intelligence state side would not be invading citizens privacy.

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