default user accounts package dependencies and conflicts rpm vs debian partitioning a disk mounting a file system

Part 1: What default user accounts are created during installation? What are they for? What should you do with them? Explain in detail.

Part 2: Linux software packages have dependencies and conflicts that can occur for numerous reasons. Discuss at least 3 ways they can occur

Part 3: Compare Red Hat Package Manager vs Debian package Manager. How are they similar and how are the different

Part 4: Discuss the steps required (including exact commands) to partition a disk using the fdisk utility.

Part 5: Provide the steps required to create and then mount a filesystem

Part 6: ps command is use to list processs running on your Linux system. Provide five examples using the ps command

Part 7: when you move from one run level to the next there are certain methods you can use to make that happen. Explain how /etc/inittab file and specific commands are used to manage runlevel services.

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