database management case study using visio for the colonial adventure tours data requirements


Here are the instructions for this assignment:

Using the Colonial Adventure Tours data requirements (see figures 1-16 thru 1-19):

  1. Using Visio, create an Entity-relationship diagram that documents all of the entities, relationships and attributes; include both primary and foreign keys. Use the Crow’s Foot Notation Template.
  2. Consider if data requirements were expanded to include support to track if a customer referred another customer(s). What change would be needed to the entity-relationship diagram?

Copy and paste your entity-relationship diagram into a document. Both requirements (#1 & 2) can be submitted as a single document. Please make sure that your work is submitted as a document and not in the file format of a diagramming tool that was used to create your ER diagram.

Your instructor will assess your performance and assign your grade.

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