data analysis data representation hospital cyber security

write a 3-to-4-page essay in which the following are addressed:

  1. Identify an applicable data analysis technique that will be used to analyze the qualitative data. Include one of the following techniques in the discussion: open and/or axial coding, cross-case analysis, member checking, or other strategy (Refer to Module 4 Homepage and Background literature references for helpful content information.)
  2. Develop a rationale and justification for the data analysis strategy selected. (Present a logical sequence of ideas to explain)
  3. Analyze the qualitative data (be sure to include the two steps below, as well as other procedures as identified within the data analysis strategy):
    • Code the qualitative data and organize and present it in a Microsoft Excel sheet.
    • Create a matrix that categorizes the data.
  4. As a culmination of data analysis, identify any patterns and themes that may exist among the data collected. Describe the findings. Do the findings answer the qualitative research question(s)?
  5. Demonstrate understanding of context and purpose of the assignment by bringing all required elements (described above) to the discussion.
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