d4 please select and respond to 2 of the 4 prompts below in paragraph form additionally read all of the other posts and comment on 2 or more

Please reply to two of the prompts below

  • Define and describe stressors and the methods of appraisal of stressors.
  • Explain how the sympathetic-adrenomedullary (SAM) and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis are implicated in the physiological response to stress.
  • What makes events stressful? Discuss.
  • A group of friends is discussing the different ways in which life can “get at you.” Pat says it’s the milestones in life that are most stressful, illustrating this point by describing several traumatic divorces and untimely deaths from which family members have yet to recover. On the other hand, Lee asserts that it’s the little, constant annoyances in life that are most harmful to psychological and physical health, citing the annoyance experienced while commuting to work every day or coping with an intrusive landlord. Evaluate both of these arguments, citing research from the text.
  • Some working parents cope well with their multiple roles, whereas others do not. Explain the factors that are associated with positive and negative outcomes in juggling family and work roles.

Each of your responses should incorporate course content assigned during that particular week and should be approximately 250 words

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