culture country

Be creative

Make presentation introducing the class to the culture of a country of your choice. Think about a country that your career might take you to in the future and what you will need to know about the culture of that country before you visit.

To correctly frame this presentation you should pretend that you are responsible for teaching an FIT student Summer intern to visit the country for three months. What should they know about the culture in order to make their visit productive, safe, meaningful and enjoyable? It is your job to make sure they have the right information!

Countries to choose from






1. Your presentation may be in any digital format (Powerpoint) Alternatively, you may produce an original video presentation. The format is entirely up to you but it must be in a format that can be uploaded into this Discussion as a link in the THREAD you create here.

2. Whatever format you choose, your presentation should be timed to last between 10 and 15 minutes (this does NOT include any non-original video that you insert into your presentation. Incorporating non-original video may enhance the quality and depth of the presentation but will not count towards the total minimum time of 10 minutes). Presentation digital formatssuch asPowerpointmust be auto-timed, run automatically from launch and last the required amount of time.

3. BE CREATIVE, ORIGINAL and INTERESTING. Video, audio and other special features beyond the basic slide presentation will receive extra weight.

5. Your Powerpoint will be scanned in SAFEASSIGN for plagiarism – ALL WORDING ON YOUR SLIDES MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS – NO CUT/PASTING FROM ANY RESOURCE! Presentations with plagiarized wording will receive zero credit.

GRADING CRITERIA– Maximum 5 points

1. Appropriate Information (Relevant for a three-month Summer intern) – 1.5 points

2.Depth of information and effort – 2 points

3. Creative and Original – 1.5 points

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