critique the communication

Critique the communication style of your peer. Discuss how you believe that they would be successful in the scenario they presented and areas they could improve on.( read below min 100 world)

Lawrence Smith is a 71 year old elderly man living in a group home. Lawrence suffers from mental retardation Parkinson disease. Lawrence has trouble walking and needs assistance from his aide for every activities such as walking and showering. One of Lawrence’s aides is suspected of abusing Lawrence. Lawrence stated that he doesn’t like that aide and gets upset whenever he arrives on shift. Lawrence told me that the aide threw him on the bed and also pinches his hands. The professional might question 1. What company assigns the staff for Mr. Smith

2. Is the boss aware that Mr. Smith has made these allegations and has an investigation been completed.

3.Has the Aide in question been asked about these allegations.

4. Can we remove the employee from working with Lawrence until this investigation is clear.

5. Can Lawrence switch to a new program with different staff.

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