creating an it infrastructure asset list and identifying where privacy data resides 1

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An Asset’s Finer Points

A domain is not the same as an asset. And a piece of hardware does not always equate to one asset. Many assets can be in one domain, such as the System/Application Domain. A single hardware firewall might present itself as two assets, one in two different domains, for example, a Local Area Network-to-Wide Area Network (LAN- to-WAN) firewall and a Wide Area Network (WAN) firewall. In your own environments, ask yourself, “What function does this perform?”

In your Lab Report file, use the following table to identify three to five IT assets and insert them into the table. Indicate in which of the seven domains of an IT infrastructure the asset resides. Indicate if the asset accesses customer privacy data or contains customer privacy data. Finally, classify the IT asset as Critical, Major, or Minor, where the following defines each:

  • ï‚· Critical: Generates revenues or represents intellectual property asset of organization
  • ï‚· Major: Contains customer privacy data
  • ï‚· Minor: Required for normal business functions and operations

In your Lab Report file, explain how a data classification standard is related to customer privacy data protection and security controls.

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