create a slideshow that explains a particular media system in a country of kuwait

Create a 6-8 slideshow to accompany your in-class presentation. Use APA style for citations on the slides and for references at the end – if you do not correctly cite your material, there will be 20 points immediately deducted from your score.

Introduce a Country of Kuwait (General information) – brief overview of the country – population, general history, religion, ethnic groups, economy, politics, regional differences

Review the Impact/Influence or Concept of Media (Media/Communication – also implement at least one lecture topic covered – media system, review of various media, etc. for that country.

Take a Stance on a Particular Issue in the Country and the Media – Give Examples (Specific Focus and Opinion) – how do you see the future of the media and international communication as it relates to this particular country.

Concluding Remarks (Summary of Information)

References (Minimum of 4-6 Sources) – at least two peer-reviewed sources

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