cpp w5 most compelling subjects in criminology and public policy

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post concerning the most compelling subjects in Criminology and Public Policy.

This was the hardest class I have had since I being here at C.T.U. for one I could not check my originality verification, and then when I put it in submissions it would give me a high score even though I put it in my own words, and then I had to do the assignment all over. And then there come annotated bibliography and after I say ok that was hard but then came the literature review and I start stressing again I was stressing and calling everyone at CTU to help me to understand this course more, and everyone was a big help, so I think them all. I cry, pull my hair out, wanted to give up but my family would not let me, and my adviser coach would not let me quit. I know by taking this subject it helps me to understand what they are and if I have this in another class then I will know what to do.

The discussion board helps me understand what I have to do with this course because it helps me to understand what my other classmate had to say about the subject. And I want to thank each one of them I did not read all the classmate assignment but the ones that I did they gave me a better understanding of the course. And thanks to our teacher and all the CTU staff that help me with this course. The live chat was great because I got to ask questions even though the time was early but by getting up early on a Saturday morning was hard, but I got to understand what I had to do. I want to thank everyone again for their help. The MUSE helps me a lot but when it came to the eBooks, I was more confused than ever because I could not understand the eBook. I know I might have to take this class over, but I will take whatever I learn with me.

I don’t feel there is nothing need to be added to this course, even though it was hard I really got something from this course.

I will take everything that I learn in this class into my next class, and in the future class because I will be having the same teacher again in my next class.

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