cost benefit analysis 7

Choose one of the following.

Option 1) What financial techniques does your organization use to evaluate potential capital projects? In regards to the decision-making process, how important are these financial metrics versus other bases of analysis? Do you feel these are the appropriate decision criteria for your organization? How well do you think your organization does in terms of making the “right” capital investment choices?

NOTE: If you are not aware of decision making at your company, respond based on how you would make decisions as a future senior leader or if you were running your own company.


Option 2) Although financial analysis is critical and a key part of any significant investment decision, managers should also look at other non-financial elements before making a final decision. Just because a project or proposal has a positive NPV, does not necessarily mean it should be undertaken. What are some of the non-financial considerations that should be evaluated by management? Share a project that you led that had strong financial results but was not approved and discuss whether you would have proceeded differently if you were the decision maker.

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