construction technology 4

Assignment Questions:

1- A flexible pavement for an express way is planned to construct to connect Bid-Bid with Sur. Explain briefly the procedure for selection of materials and step by step procedure of for this proposed pavement construction. Supplement your answers with sketches & snaps.

2- Explain briefly silent construction features of an ‘Airport’ and ‘Earthen dam’. Draw sketches and produce snaps wherever required.

3- Explain in detail, construction procedure for any one type of bridge. Support your answers with proper sketches and diagrams.

4- Explain any two types of underpinning used to prop distressed structures with proper sketches and diagram which is not covered in your handout.

*** Number of Pages = 5 Pages.

*** In- Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** At least a book should be referred apart from internet sites.

*** Note That Bid-Bid and Sur places located in Sultanate of Oman.

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