Conflict Resolution through Emotional Competence

Nursing Doctorate degree level paper:2 pages. APA fomart, At least 2 references (must be withing 5 yrs). Absolutely plagiarism free. See quesions below.Week 3: Conflict Resolution through Emotional CompetenceOnly when leaders integrate technical skills, goal-directed activities, and the ability to form meaningful relationships through emotional competence does optimal organizational effectiveness result.Scenario:A team of highly competent members has become adept at organizing and managing itself. The self-sufficiency of the team is appreciated by senior leadership who assumes the team can respond to challenges without support or guidance, given the team’s legacy of success. Recent challenges incited the team to request assistance; when assistance was not provided, the team began to make independent decisions. The team members believed they were the only ones who understood their work and avoided asking for help. The leaders involved believed that no news equaled good news. Neither the leaders nor the team members considered their work within the context of the entire organization. As a result, the team’s level of emotional competence decreased, along with their productivity.Consider this scenario and address the following.·  Identify three strategies to reduce friction and build unity between the parties using emotional competence as the framework.·  What outcomes would you identify to measure the effectiveness of each strategy?·  Consider an adversarial relationship that exists between leaders and departments in your organization. How does the culture of the organization affect the situation? What knowledge, skills, and attitudes do you bring to the organization? What would others say are your leadership strengths? How can these strengths be used to reduce the adversarial relationship?Reading:Chism, L. A. (2019). The Doctor of Nursing Practice: A guidebook for role development and professional issues (4 th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Publishers.·  Chapter 1: Overview of the Doctor of Nursing Practice DegreeoEssential Vi: Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes, p. 16.oNACNS Core Practice Doctorate Clinical Nurse Specialist Competencies, pp. 19-20.Dreher, H. M., & Glasgow, M. E. S. (2017). Role development for doctoral advanced nursing practice (2nd ed.). Springer Publishing Company.·  Chapter 17: Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional Collaboration: Essential for the Doctoral Advanced Practice Nurse, pp. 397-404Marshall, E. S. & Broome, M.E. (2017). Transformational leadership in nursing: From expert clinician to influential leader (2nd ed.). Springer Publishing Company.·  Chapter 9: Creating and Shaping the Organizational Environment and Culture to Support Practice ExcellenceoCreating and Sustaining a Culture of Excellence, p. 253·  Chapter 10: Building Cohesive and Effective TeamsoShared Leadership and Managing Team Conflict, pp 288-296.

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