conceptual marketing plan

Conceptual Marketing Plan


Develop a conceptual level marketing plan for St. Anthony Medical Center’s labor and delivery service line. Use of the virtual environment (Vila Health) is required. There is no page limit for this assessment.

Questions to Consider:

  • How can a SWOT analysis be used to create a list of a service’s features, advantages, and benefits?
  • What internal resource would you use to discover who an organization’s present customers are and how they have been served in the past? Who would you have to ask to get this information?
  • What are representative competitors in the same area (in this case, labor and delivery) doing to secure the same customers?
  • How is social media used to position the service line in your target market?
  • What is the strategic directional strategy of the service line under investigation? (What does the organization want that is not currently being achieved)?
  • How does the current status of the service line align with the desired status?
  • What are examples of performance indicators and proposed measurements that align a directional strategy with measurable data indicating progress or lack of progress?


Recall from your previous visit with the leadership team that your CEO has communicated a growth strategy for St. Anthony Medical Center.

The marketing director and leadership team have further determined that the labor and delivery service will implement a market pull strategy where consumers will be drawn to the organization based on some unique feature or features of the service line (also known as differentiators).

You are competing against similar services at two other hospitals in the area, so your marketing conceptual-level recommendations will need to assure that you have differentiated St. Anthony Medical Center’s labor and delivery service in a competitive manner.

Your marketing director and the labor and delivery unit manager would like to discover your fresh perspective and new ideas that include recommendations for converting prospective consumers into satisfied labor and delivery patients.


After you have surveyed the literature on strategic marketing, you are required to use information gathered in the required Vila Health Challenges linked in Resources.

Review the vision, mission, values statement, and strategic directional strategy for St. Anthony Medical Center, and assess the labor and delivery service line offerings.

  • Conduct a gap analysis of St. Anthony Medical Center’s labor and delivery service relative to internal goals. Remember to assess gaps between actual performance versus desired targets (review the current labor and delivery budget to determine current versus targeted number of deliveries, profit margin, and so forth).
  • Construct a competitive analysis of St. Anthony Medical Center’s labor and delivery service relative to competitors. (Note: You will need to look on the Internet to find this information.)
  • Propose general or conceptual-level recommendations to close gaps, such as missing services, missing marketing channels, suboptimal profitability, and so forth.
    • Include evidence-based recommendations.
  • Offer creative insights regarding how to optimally position and communicate the labor and delivery service line to prospective consumers.
  • Prepare a draft of your conceptual marketing plan for presentation to the marketing director (your instructor) for review and feedback.


Social Media and Social Marketing

Review the social media and social marketing resources from the Assessment 1 Resources.

Marketing Analysis

Review the following:

This article explores the mediating role of service quality between customer relationship management (CRM) and resident satisfaction:

Marketing Plans

Review the following:

Competitive Analysis

This article analyzes different threats to a business model using Porter’s five forces model:

Review the following:

  • Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2016). Principles of marketing (16th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Available from the bookstore.
Suggested Resources for Further Exploration
Gap Analysis

Review the following:

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