computer mediated communication and family interaction

For each resource, write a short statement outlining the connection between the resource with both your chosen topic( Computer-Mediated Communication and Family Interaction) area AND communication research.

Collect links to 8 resources that inform all aspects of the specific topic.

Accessible to a broad audience. They should not be difficult-to-use things like original research articles published in academic journals or sources that are pay walled.

Credible and high-quality. They should be from sources whose information are broadly respected and trusted (e.g., from reputable news outlets, study reports produced by reputable outlets like the Pew Research Center, etc.).

Varied across authors and formats. You must use diverse types of resources (e.g., videos, Wiki entries, blog posts, online databases), and they must have diverse sources (i.e., not all produced by the same entity or published or listed on the same site). For example, you could use online databases, youtube videos, online databases, etc. from all different writers, speakers, or organizations. You wouldn’t, for example, want 5 videos from CNN.

Each source link must be accompanied by a statement of no more than 150 words. We will stop reading after 150 words, so DON’T GO OVER.

(1) briefly summarize the content and main argument of the source

The summary should also include a description to identify the type of source (e.g., video, blog, etc.) and who published it (e.g., in your source title as “News article: CNN discusses….” or in your discussion as “This resource, which is a news article from CNN…”).

(2) clearly outline its relevant contribution to your topic area

When outlining the relevance of your source to the topic area, consider the unique contribution/angle of that source compared to other sources.

(3) discuss the source in terms of its relevance to topic-related course concepts.

How does your source directly connect to theories, models, or concepts discussed in course materials?

( please fill out the Docx that i post , Collect links to 8 resources that inform all aspects of the specific topic.)


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