comprehensive case study project

Comprehensive Case Study project

General Guidelines for Comprehensive Case Study

Please follow instruction. APA style use the Soap note template case study information to create a comprehensive evaluation of the patient.

Please you continued the Comprehensive SOAP note on the same template, which I sent to you as an attachment at the empty space below, and then major research and discussion of the disease process are presented.

This case study should be a summative evaluation supported by a minimum of 5 evidence-based articles. No older, than 5 years old.

Provide references for the plan, no older than 5 years old.

Evaluation of the case study should be no more than 3-4 substantive paragraphs. A minimum of five evidence-based sources should be used for your case study.

Please do not use No secondary sources are allowed, ie, Medscape, Up to Date, etc.

Analyze quality and relevance of S + O data and the evidence for diagnosis. Use of clinical evidence based reasoning and literature to describe the plan of care.

B) Discuss and define and give rational of the diagnosis, 3Differential Diagnosis and Plan of treatment.

3Differential Diagnosis

Acts of Omission (Child Neglect): (T74.02XA)

Blunt abdominal trauma (Y04.8):

SEPSIS (A41.9):

Primary diagnosis: ICD-10 Codes: Acts of Commission (Child Abuse): (T74.12):

Please provide me with a Comprehensive SOAP Note and Growth Chart base on the patient Weight, height and BMI.

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