complete two shory envro science discussions


Albedo is an important feature of our atmosphere and the surface of the Earth when thinking about climate change. Define albedo. What are some human activities that change the albedo of the Earths surface (say if the albedo is increased or decreased)?

Explain some of the consequences of decreasing albedo with an example? Respond to four of your classmate’s posts with a post that provides feedback on their essay.


After completing the life cycle cost worksheet you should have some idea of how much CO2 you are releasing into the atmosphere by driving your vehicle. Making good consumer choices can have a huge impact on the health of the environment and the direction our manufacturing economy takes. With the number of cars on the roads of the United States explain if it would be more cost efficient to by a hybrid vehicle or a high gas mileage vehicle? (Remember we are looking at life cycle cost)

What would be the best vehicle for the environment?

Explain why you reached these conclusions.

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