complete the simulation

HELPFUL RESOURCE: The following link is also a helpful resource for completing the assignments (and in general): Specifically, the following article on choosing your location and equipment may be helpful for this assignment:


Please provide your answers in thought-out, coherent paragraphs and use complete sentences.

Sources of funding:

· How did you choose to finance your company – with equity capital, debt capital, or both? Explain why. How did this decision impact your business?

· What source of seed money did you open the business with? How much working capital did you begin with? Was this money sufficient? Why or why not?
Layout and location:

· What factors impacted your decision in choosing the location for your business? Did the decision impact the profitability of your company? Explain.

· When choosing the site (layout) of your business, did you opt for a larger or smaller facility? Explain why. What was the impact of this decision, specifically in terms of customer service?

· How did your equipment purchase decisions impact your business?

· After completing the simulation, would you have changed your location, site, or equipment decision(s)? Why or why not?

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