complete short law assignment 3

Motions in Action

In this assignment you are to:

Explain what a Motion for Summary Judgment is.

Explain what a Motion to Dismiss is.

Compare and contrast the two motions.

Observe a Motion for Summary Judgment or a Motion to Dismiss in a federal court.

Go to;

Find the tab About Federal Courts and click on it;

Click on “Cameras in Courts;

Under Select a Procedural Posture choose Motion for Summary Judgment or choose Motion to Dismiss.

Choose a case that is of interest to you and observe a minimum of 30 minutes of the proceeding.

Analyze what you observed in the hearing.

Include the name of the case; and

Whether it was a Motion for Summary Judgment or a Motion to Dismiss hearing.

The total length of your paper should be a minimum of 3 full pages in length

Use APA style for general formatting, including margins, font and font size, spacing, and cover page

Include Bluebook formatted citations within the body of the paper and on the References page

For a more comprehensive grading rubric, click here.

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