complete short business disc bray


1.Share YOUR thoughts in at least 250 words in response to the following statement/question.

There is a growing number of instances where competitors are actually collaborating. List some of the benefits and some of the drawbacks associated with this. Provide an example of competitors who have actually collaborated.

*Please note that any copied answers not in your own words will result in a zero on this assignment.

I also encourage you to engage in meaningful conversation about this topic with your classmates, so feel free to follow up to to their responses.

2. Share your thoughts on the following in approximately 250 words: From a strategic standpoint, why should a board of directors not be all male, or all female, or all whites, or all minorities? Be sure to provide strategic, rather than emotional reasons.

3. If a company has $1 million to spend on a new strategy and is considering market development versus product development, what determining factors would be most important to consider? Be sure to distinguish between the two types of development.

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