complete 4 business integration replies



Out of the thirteen possibilities, I would recommend on investing in option 4. This option involves leasing three cargo jets to be operated by a large air-package service firm. One of the things that makes this offer enticing is that the firm is offering a four year contract that automatically adjusts the fees of the current cost of fuel. Throughout the simulation, our team had to keep a close eye on the fuel (spot vs contract). Any slight change can have lasting effects on profits. Furthermore, the ROI is very high (20%) in comparison to the low risk factor (3-4). The high startup cost ($300,000) is the only drawback.


For this discussion, read the incident in the Diversification Planning document given in the resources. In your post, indicate which action from the list of 13 possibilities you would recommend spending money to investigate and your rationale for recommending it. Also, identify the ethical implications of your recommended action.

In an effort to diversify or operations, I would chose to investigate option B) Go into the car rental business. Reason being is because while the startup costs were higher, this business opportunity has low expenses and has been very profitable for our airline. The car rental industry has a risk factor that lands in the middle at a 5, which is preferable to enter a high traffic city. The ethical implications associated with owing a rental car company are very minimal and as long as we protect the consumer liability in this industry is very low. This is a good opportunity that will return a decent profit and increase shareholder values.


This course has allowed me to put together everything I’ve learned over the last (almost) two years. I’ve been able to use the leadership and analytical skills combined with business knowledge to work with a team to collaborate and come up with solutions to make us all successful. Professionally, throughout my time at Capella, I have seen a lot of ups and downs. I was promoted into what I had imagined was what I wanted only to realize I was not able to focus on my true passion. I have since stepped down; I am still working in a leadership role but no longer at an executive capacity. This has been the best decision for me because it allows me to focus on using the skills I’ve learn to build our BI program


At the beginning of this course I felt quite intimidated. I am generally a shy person and would rather work alone. The thought of doing a group project, I felt like I was going to fail. That was not the case though and I may have overreacted. In the end, I felt like my decision making skills had greatly improved and with the help of my group we were able to talk through our decisions so that they made sense to everybody. This group project was a really nice change of pace in our course work and I would definitely tell others who are going to take this class to just have fun with it. The simulation was really great in helping us realize what it would be like to be part of a management team. Going back to school has helped me with my career in banking. Each class has made me better at what I do. Halfway through I was able to move into a management role at my job and I hope that finishing my degree with this next course will open up even more opportunities within my profession.

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