Complementary And Alternative Medicine, Manual Therapies

Due 06/07/16 16:00 EST thats 4pm



1  Read and familiarize yourself with all the manual therapy resources provided in the Lesson (list of manual therapies are below in red, and the links to obtain the info below that) and write a scholarly 6-8 page paper in the correct APA Format, include titles and subtitles.


2  Answer the following questions:

•                    What is manual therapy?

•                    What are examples of manual therapy techniques and what are they used to treat: *Choose 2 techniques to write about*

•                    What are the education, scope of practice and treatment claims of the different manual therapy practitioners?

•                    Provide a detailed case study report from a book or journal, of a successful treatment with manual therapy. Be sure to indicate the source for in-text citation and in the reference page.

•                    Answer all questions thoroughly


3  Your critique should be:

•                    6 – 8 pages includes the following:

•                    Title and Reference page, titles and subtitles in the correct APA Format

2 of the 6 pages are the title and reference page.


Follow APA guidelines for margins, double spacing, page numbers; must college level writing, using correct spelling, grammar, sentence, and paragraph formation


Manual therapies include, but are not limited to, Chiropractic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Cranial Sacral therapy, and techniques done by physical therapists and other practitioners; for example, Strain Counter Strain, Myofascial Release, Applied Kinesiology, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Reflexology, and (NeuroFascial Processing-This info can be found in the 2 PDF files.)



Doctor of Osteopath:

This link explains the osteopathic doctor (DO). It includes information on their education, scope of practice, and treatment claims. If link doesn’t work,



•   This link is for the International Chiropractic Association.  Pay close attention to the publication “The Chiropractic Choice”.


Physical Therapy:

•   This link is to the Institute of Integrative Manual Therapy describes the combination for many manual therapy and energy techniques for comprehensive healthcare treatment.   Massage Therapyis all the way on the bottom


•   This link explains a manual therapy described as an advance physical therapy. Appear to be all direct techniques.

I wouldn’t use this link, doesn’t have any good info



•   This is an excellent link to reflexology information with illustrations.


Cranial Sacral Therapy:

•   This link is to the Upledger Institute where CranioSacral Therapy was developed and continues to be taught.

Use this link


This link is to a video explaining Head Massage Therapy Craniosacral Techniques.


Manual therapies manipulate bone and soft tissue to promote healing. Manipulation as a form of treatment is an ancient healing art that has been shared across time by various cultures.



Manipulation decreases pressure in the blood vessels and nerves and improves function of the manipulated area. Each type of manipulation emphasis a part of the body.


Manipulation is currently categorized into mechanical, neurological, and physiological. For example chiropractic care is mechanical and manipulates the spine to produce effects on the nervous system. Massage therapy is also mechanical and emphasizes muscle. Cranial Sacral is neurological and manipulates the head and spinal cord. Myofacial release, NeuroFascial Processing (NFP), and other advanced manual therapies work on soft tissue and physiological function.


Osteopathic Doctors (DOs) are license doctors and can prescribe medication. DOs take a holistic and manipulation approach to treatment. They, like all manual therapists, support the fact that if the body is structurally sound it can and will accomplish healing.

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