compare and contrast essay that address how anne fran matures over the course of writing her diary

Write a 4–5 paragraph compare and contrast essay that addresses how Anne matures over the course of writing her diary. The final draft of your essay should include

A topic that is appropriate for a compare and contrast essay.

A clear, and arguable, thesis statement that relates to the essay prompt.

2–3 body paragraphs that each feature a supporting claim, evidence from the text as support, and only relevant information that contributes to your argument.

Use of either the point-by-point or block method of organization.

Use of transitions to reflect the method of organization you select.

Evidence of revision to improve unity and coherence, as well as to address modifier errors.

Use of three module vocabulary words ( Vocabulary words are at the end of the Rubric page)

Use all three forms of verbals correctly: gerunds, participles, and infinitives.

Use Rubric to make sure all information is included for grade.

Don’t forget to cite work

Remember to submit your point-by-point or block graphic organizer and first draft with your final paper. ( choose one, they are both attached)

Grammar, spelling and plagiarism will be checked

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