company annual report


The pages mentioned are attached for your reference and consideration.

Annual Report (10 pts)

Congratulations, your first year of business is over and you have one last task to complete to wrap-up the year: your annual report.

As far as the categories and sections you need to include, I have listed a basic outline for you below:

  • Title page (Use example on Page 432. Give an appropriate title (ie., “Annual Report for XYZ Company).(Consider in mind, this is a technology company)
  • Table of Contents (see Page 434 of textbook. Include any illustrations/graphs here).
  • A cover letter from you, the CEO or president, in full block or semi block format style (review your notes and feedback from your letter document assignment earlier in the semester; use company letterhead). Remember, memos are used for internal reports and letters are used for external reports (Annual Reports).(Don’t worry about the letterhead, just provide the letter)
  • Executive Summary (see example on page 435 of your textbook – pay careful attention to the details highlighted in the margins.
  • Company Information (include background, biography of owner, how company was formed, etc.).(Skip this question)
  • Company Strategy – Brief description of your company’s “core competencies” and competitive advantage. What makes your company stand out from the competition? Describe what your company does. Give brief descriptions of your company products and services. Include a section on “Innovation and Technology.” Describe your industry. What innovations and new technologies are being driven by your industry? How is your company a part of this? What problems is your company trying to solve? What is the financial and market share position for your company? You may use tables and figures to help your audience view any of this information.
  • Conclusions and Recommendations – (Page 444 example)

Your Annual Report should be between 5-7 pages (excluding your title page and table of contents).

Be sure to consider style, formatting, and organization of your report. Your annual report should be visually appealing (add some pictures/graphics/charts), clear, well-organized, well-formatted, and error free.

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