communications and organization challenges 1

In roughly 600 words:

  • Why do you think effective communication in emergency response is important? Explain.
  • What are the most significant causes and effects of communication failure, especially under life-threatening circumstances? Explain in detail.
  • Consider failure as the following:
    • Equipment malfunction
    • Human error
    • Breakdowns in language, (jargon, slang, accents)
    • Communication codes
    • Personal and organizational agendas
    • Distrust of outsider agency personnel
  • What should be the role of a spokesperson? Explain.
    • Why must he or she be credible to the public and the emergency responders while acting as liaison between the public and the crisis management team? Be specific.
    • What significant challenges could be faced by a spokesperson? Explain.


In 3-4 pages:

  • Create an essay based on community communication capabilities, goals, and problems.
    • Create a real-world scenario of an all-hazards event such as a major fire, earthquake, or terrorist attack.
    • The scenario will be of your own choosing and imaginative process, but it must be written as if it were being presented to a local city council.
  • Include conclusions and recommendations for installation, maintenance, and operation of communications equipment.
  • Address the human factor for communication breakdowns and requisite training for operators.
  • What is the role of a public spokesperson? Explain.
  • What qualifications should be required for a public spokesperson to assure accurate public information, minimize rumors, and provide instruction for evacuation and assistance before a predicted crisis, during an emergency, and after returning to a normal routine? Explain.
  • What strategies must be implemented at the local level to enhance communication and eliminate corresponding equipment problems that may arise during a crisis situation? Explain.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA format.

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