communication essay 9

I have finished a draft of my paper, and my professor gave me some feedback to revise, I just need revise my original paper and add some new parts, do not write a new one, thank you.

Feedback from my Professor,

Your reflections are great and you are showing good insight and analysis. I love love your subheadings. They make the paper readable and easy.

The definition of ethnorelativism should have been from an academic source, even our own assigned book. After that you put your own definition. But stating the ‘is used to define’ – is inaccurate. Used to define by whom? you need a citation. Also, you in the Jandt reference, the book title needs to be italicized. Not sure why you italicized a part of it but not all of it.

Reflection: Ethnorelativism and Cultural Competency: While you have defined it according to your understanding of it, ethnorelativism should have been defined with a credible source.
Reflection: Sensitivity Issues: You are showing great cultural sensitivity. Good job.
Sources/Citations: Minor error in citations.
Articulation of Response: Well-written paper with good organization and flow. Good job.

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