cold war affect

How did the Cold War affect American politics? How did the Cold War affect American culture?

Answer should be between 500-1000 words which should base on the text book (give me liberty), the primary source (voices of freedom) and the lecture which I attached as a power point. Cite at least one of the primary readings per each answer (Voices of Freedom book), do not consult any other sources.

Related readings: Voices of Freedom

  • Document 156 – The Truman Doctrine (1947)
  • Document 157 – NSC 68 and the Ideological Cold War (1950)
  • Document 158 – Walter Lippman, A Critique of Containment (1947)
  • Document 159 – The Universal Declarations of Human Rights 1948
  • Document 161 – Joseph R. McCarthy on the Attack (1950)


  • answer should have an introduction, a body (where you provide the evidence for your answer), and a conclusion.
  • The last paragraph of the paper should be your conclusion. In your conclusion, summarize your arguments you made to answer the question.
  • All the information you need to answer question can be found in the text book, the primary source readings.
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