cloud management

As the IT liaison, Senior tasked you with defining the technical components of the SLA with the consultants.

Write a 2-page summary that includes:

  • A listing of the Drotos Engineering IT manager and vendor roles and responsibilities
  • A summary (in narrative or table format) with the acceptable metrics and measurements ranges, with definitions and rationale that will ensure optimum performance. Include minimum and maximum information for:
    • Disk space use (e.g., for each system, the minimum amount of disk space required by the application/person/system to run efficiently)
    • Response time
    • Uptime
  • Vendor to Drotos Engineering reporting requirements

Part 2

During the first few weeks your SLA is in place, you work with the consultant to resolve performance and optimization issues that arise. Your decisions will help create a template for the vendor to follow with later issues. Two issues arose that required documentation.

Issue 1

The baseline performance for your system is 35% below what was projected to access data and store data. Monitoring indicates that the source of the poor performance could be the network, disk, or CPU.

Write a 1- to 2-page description of how the vendor should address the issue using the following resource provisioning/deprovisioning options:

  • Usage patterns
  • Cloud bursting
  • Extending cloud scope, storage, and virtual machines
  • Application life cycle
  • Business need changes

Issue 2

Your engineering applications are subject to many regulations. You learn that a new security regulation requires the assurance of a 3-second response time to ensure the user’s flow of thought remains uninterrupted because of the sensitive nature of the data on the system.

Write a 1- to 2-page description that defines and describes the appropriate provisioning techniques the vendor is to follow to address the new regulation and to ensure your customers’ and internal data remain protected.

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