clean up paper 1

Below is the Capstone I did for school. But I was missing a few things per the teachers information on how the capstone should have been. Please be detailed in the paper on ways my capstone could have been done better.

Below is he feed back on what he wants. Paper does not have length just e detailed in your answer. He feels this is the flow of the project compare this list to mine and write a paper detailing how I could have made my project better.

The presentation should begin with a brief description of your integrated theory of change. The majority of the presentation should focus on the case study with the following points being addressed:
● Briefly describe the client system, including the initial assessment. Include relevant data from the intake/assessment packet.
● Describe a conceptualization/systemic hypothesis of the case. This should be informed by the student’s integrated theory of change
● Identify and discuss ethical and legal issues.
● Identify and describe issues of diversity.
● Using the DSM-5, state diagnostic impressions for each of the members of the system.
Discuss the basis for these diagnoses.
● Discuss all referrals made and any consultations engaged in, including supervision
● Describe the stages of therapy and the interventions used based on the integrated theory of
● Describe the progress of the case over time.
● Assess how the case reflects the theory of change. Evaluate the quality of therapy with the

case. Reflect on the personal journey of selecting the theory.

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