cjus discussion board question

Each question must be 15-200 words. CITE and reference any sources used in APA. DO NOT copy and paste! Original work!!




1)           1) Research and discuss an investigation that went wrong and whether it was a poor investigation and/or prosecution resulting from an investigation. Examples are the Duke Lacrosse case and the Richard Jewell Olympic bombing case. What went wrong and why? What were the ramifications? What should have been done differently?


2)          2)  If you could pick 1 type of investigative field or specialty to work, what would it be and why? Examples might be general investigations, narcotics, child abuse, sex crimes, white collar, financial, corruption, property crimes, violent crimes, terrorism, internal affairs, etc. How would you prepare for this job?

Tell us why this type of investigation is important (what is the problem?). Finally, do you think investigators should specialize? Why or why not?


3)        3)  Discuss whether or not law enforcement should utilize informants to establish probable cause for search warrants. If so, then what weight should be given to their information?


4)      4) Did this course cause you to change your mind or opinion about anything related to criminal investigations?

  •       What was it? Why or why not? Maybe something was reinforced. If so, explain.
  •      What was the most important thing you learned in this course (an “aha” moment) and why?
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