cite the differences

Hello I need help with a one page paper on the differences of UI (User Interface) and UE (User Experience). I will provide two external sources for referencing (will need to cite the sources used within the text APA style). The paper must cover what is UI and what is UX and what is the difference between the two is. Additionally, why the two are important. Must provide a practical example of the difference between the two with real life examples (and no ketchup bottles). The paper must also talk about the effect UI and UX have had on the success, failure, or the cannibalization of products by other products. The two sources are listed below, feel free to use any additional sources, just include in citations. This paper is Maxium ONE PAGE, 12 point font single spaced. It is ok if the refernces are on a second page, but the answer to the questions for the paper must only be One page in length.

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