Choose 10 different diseases and create a Word document

Part One of your Course Project is due in Module 06; however, you should work on this project throughout your lab.

Part One:
Using the Disease/Condition List provided below, choose 10 different diseases and create a Word document that contains the following information:

  • List the name of the specialist for the disease
  • Explain what body system is involved
  • Explain what the disease is in 1-3 sentences
  • Explain what classifications of medications are commonly used
  • List 1-3 commonly used Trade Name medications
  • List any side effects of the medication
  • Define and explain any patient teaching you would include in your discharge teaching.
    • This would include side effects of the medication the patient should watch for, changes in diet, when to take the medication, and are there any routine labs that need to be monitored while on the medicine.
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