choice your own religious area where you spend some time

Introduce, describe and analyze a sacred space of your own choosing (it would be great if you focused on California). WARNING: CHOOSING A CHURCH, SYNAGOGUE, OR TEMPLE is pretty obvious and makes for a very uninteresting paper. You will probably find yourself making a circular kind of analysis about its being sacred to a self-selecting group of people for whom it is sacred. It is far better to choose either a naturally occurring site or a built-environment that isn’t a specifically religious building. For example, what about Mt. Rushmore? Uluru? Stonehenge? Mount Shasta? The list goes on and on.

Once you have chose, provide background and a description of the site. What is it, where is it? What is its history and background? How did it come to be sacred and for whom? What is the story of its being sacred? What rituals occur there? (Remember to cite your sources!)

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