case study of ethics of artificial intelligence 1

This assignment is the same as Case Study 2(the one about Artificial Intelligence {I will attache it as soon as i pick someone}) but it is now research paper. The paper should be 12-15 pages long. You need to analyze the subject and select 3 cases or topics from which to analyze the topic and 3 cases. In your analysis you must use 6 stakeholder perspectives, and you should include 1 philosophical ethical principle in your analysis from each stakeholder perspective. You should also perform an anticipatory ethical analysis where you apply 3 rules from Miller et al.’s 5 rules in your discussion. This should be the foundation of a discussion of the ethical/social issues in the case from a professional perspective.

Please add a PowerPoint presentation about this case.

Attached are the five rules that are needed for this assignment.

Steps in Ethical Case Analysis

1. Identify and give an overview of the subject under discussion.

2. Divide your subject into 3 sub topics or 3 cases.

3. For each of the sub topics or cases or get the facts straight. Review the sub topic or case. Briefly recap the details of the case at the beginning of your paper. You need to explain how your case is an example of your subject (e.g. Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Espionage or Cyber Crime)

4. Identify the central stakeholders in the subtopic or case.

5. Identify the technical problems in the subtopic or case.

6. Identify the Ethical problem or problems in the subtopic or case.

7. Identify the Social problem or problems in the subtopic or case.

8. Solve the technical, ethical and social problems using both technical, ethical standards.

9. Use the 5 rules to construct an Anticipatory ethical analysis of the subject and the subtopics or cases. What ethical issues can you anticipate for the subject?

10. Will your solution to the problem withstand criticism from the perspectives of both a variety of Ethical principles, code of conduct, and Professionals in your field?

11. What recommendations can you make about subject and the problems in the subtopic or cases based upon your ethical analysis?

When you construct your analysis be sure and remember that we are assigning a 12-15 page analysis. With this length limitation it is important to realize that you will probably only be able to look at the problems in the case from an IT professional’s perspective. If you try to analyze every stakeholder perspective you will probably exceed the length limitation.

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